by Kate Hofman

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A Forbidden Love

Cristiano Montigno is a man quietly living a happy life. He is successful as a part owner of an investment firm and enjoys a close relationship with the beautiful Anne Douglas that has blossomed into a casual love affair.

One fateful evening, he attends a business reception. Boredom quickly turns into desire when he locks eyes with Mei-Ling Lupescu, a former girlfriend , and Cristiano finds himself unable to stop the passion that once again swirls around him and Mei-Ling.

But Mei-Ling is not what she seems and certainly not the same girl that had once stole his heart. And what's more, he misses Anne far more than he thought he would.

As Cristiano begins to realize what he wants, he must also face the fact that a second chance with Anne might be too late...

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A Passionate Love Affair

Alyssa Farrar goes to Spain and begins a friendship with a young Spaniard, which soon blossoms out into love on her part. Luís does not believe in love, only in passion. Since she will have to go home after the trip to Spain, she decides she might as well enjoy Luís's passion whle they are together. Surprisingly, he stays in touch with her, an occasional e-mail, brief phone calls.

Two years later, Luís arrives in Alyssa's hometown, in charge of a huge hotel being built there. They pick up where they left off, Alyssa as much in love as ever and Luís as passionate as before.

Will Alyssa's love finally win Luís's heart? Or will old secrets rip them apart forever?


by Kate Hofman

by Kate Hofman

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Her Dark Angel

She was gone from him forever. While on a trip to Hawaii two years ago, she married a rich old man and had a child. Now that she's a widow, fate and her determination has brought her back into his life. Why would fate be so cruel?


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