by Kate Hofman

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Xmas with Xavier

Clothing designer Heather Fairchild just wants a nice quiet Christmas -- hot chocolate and a good book, while watching the heavy snow fall. The last thing she imagined was having a sexier-than-sin man crash his car in her front yard. But she can’t leave him outside to freeze. It is Christmas after all...

Xavier de Mazzarón is grateful to his rescuer. His Lamborghini might be wrecked but having Heather play nurse is worth it. She’s just the holiday distraction he needs, no strings attached. He doesn’t trust any woman to be faithful and he won’t risk a broken heart.

But as passion flames between Heather and Xavier he’s tempted to throw his rules out the window and asks her to return to his home for the rest of the winter. Unfortunately his mother has other ideas for him... and will stop at nothing to see her son obey.

When danger threatens Heather’s life, will Xavier be able to rescue her?

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Seduced in Spain

When Jennifer Miller goes to work as researcher to the Conde Antonio de Ortega de Andrade de Valdéz, she hardly expects romance to blossom -- but it does. In spite of many obstacles in their path -- promiscuous women who try to win Tony back -- a meddlesome housekeeper -- Tony’s disapproving mother, for starters.

The story moves from Tony’s castillo to Jennifer’s father’s house in Marbella, each location creating its own difficulties for the couple.

Things come to a head when Jennifer leaves to visit her friend from college in Budapest, and Tony realizes how much he misses her.

Will Tony do what is expected of him as Conde, or will he follow his heart -- and what new problems will beset the two?

by Kate Hofman
Read an excerpt

by Kate Hofman
Read an excerpt
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Bored in Barcelona

Cynthia Wynne writes a disenchanted email to her favorite monthly magazine, telling them how bored she is in Barcelona. When the owner of the magazine shows the email to Rafael de Córdoba, world-famous writer of serious fiction, he becomes incensed.

When Cynthia and Rafael meet, the instant flare-up of interest is quickly doused when he realizes that she is the woman who wrote disparagingly of Barcelona, which he loves and where his parents live.

Later, he softens his stance, and their interest in each other deepens, but when she tells him she is pregnant with his child, he is upset and incensed. He had an infectious illness as a boy, and as a result was pronounced infertile.

Cynthia points out that she has never lied to him, and insists that the child she carries is his.

How can Rafael equate his trust in Cynthia with the doctor’s prognosis of long ago? Will his head rule, or his heart?

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Bored in Barcelona is an intriguing love story that offers a glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous. Though the characters are a figment of Ms. Hofman’s imagination, the elegance and mannerisms are quite real. Teasing, sexy, at times funny, it gives a different take on advice columns. Ms. Hofman leaves no loose ends and you can always count on that blissful finish. -- Heide Katros, Winter Haven News Chief, FL


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